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“Everyone's unique frequency creates life, the music of life, and together we create this concert called Now.”

Playlists to soothe your soul

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Create Your Environment

Calm 1
(on Spotify) Soothing modern music. 15 hours.

Calm 2
(on Spotify) Soothing modern music. 15 hours.

Calm 3 
(on Spotify) Soothing modern music. 13 hours

Calm 4
(on Spotify) Soothing modern music. 17 hours

Calm 5 - from ABs Ipods
(on Spotify) Soothing modern music, a subset of the hundreds of hours of songs discovered on his old broken ipods. 13 hours and growing

(on Spotify) Traditional music from around the world. 16 hours and growing.

No Words 
(on Spotify) Restful instrumental music. 10 hours and growing.

All Female Voices 
(on Spotify) All female voices. 18 hours and growing.

All Male Voices
(on Spotify) All male voices. 10 hours and growing.


Support Your Practices

Meditations - Lasting Songs
(on Spotify) Songs that you can sink into (10m or longer) - with sung words. 7 hours and growing.

Meditations - Lasting Music
(on Spotify) Songs that you can sink into (10m or longer) - without any words. 8 hours and growing.

Meditations - Affirmations
(on Spotify) Words of affirmation that you can wrap around you and rest within. 1 hour and growing.

Meditations - Spoken Word
(on Spotify) Tracks that you can think about all day - with spoken words. 1 hour and growing.

Meditations - Pep Talk Dance Party
(on Spotify) Uplifting songs from your cheering squad here at MoA. 1.5 hours and growing.


Do you have music or meditations to share? Please do!

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