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“We are adventurers of consciousness. We are alchemists of experience."
- Armand Bytton

Rediscover your ability to freely create and express yourself, to feel your value and your place of home.

This new online resource was created to support your use of Dr. Bytton's unique self-discovery and self-care practices through:

  • 36 Basics essays and maps, 12+ Beyond the Basics essays and maps
  • Live online discussions and dozens of recorded meetings
  • Thousands of quotes from Armand's lectures
  • Interactive practices for both individuals and groups
  • Extensive support materials 
  • And more content added every month

Get an inside look through: 

ANYONE interested in deepening their understanding of Imetics methodology, and EVERYONE who wants to enhance their use of Imetics tools in daily life. 

Our goal in this course is to provide an additional entrypoint to the foundational elements of Imetics methodology in order to better support your personal explorations in facilitated group experiences and daily life. In this online format, we have focused on forms that can be easily shared and discussed with others, both within our community and beyond it. We have also created and gathered a range of materials that can be accessible to different learning tendencies (such as for visual, audio, and kinesthetic learners), and we always want to know if there are additional types of materials you would find helpful.

Ultimately, we feel that Armand summed up our goal best when he said: "This is like if you were going to a mountain to hike. I’m the outfitter. You come to me, and I’m outfitting you for the trek. This is an internal trek, more of a spiritual trek than a physical one, but it has similarities."

We look very forward to hiking every step of this new adventure with you.

Dawn is the executive director of MomentsOfAwe.org and an experienced Imetics facilitator. She began her studies in Imetics in 2011, and has been working full-time with Dr. Bytton since 2013. She brings more than twenty-five years of experience in established self-discovery and integration techniques, as well as comprehensive studies of psychology, belief systems, indigenous traditions, therapeutic arts, and collaborative community building. She specializes in developing heart-based leadership models within nonprofit and social-enterprise settings, as well as individual consulting focused on the navigation of relational imbalances, sexual trauma, depression, and anxiety.

The course can be navigated through both:

*Course Guides are community members who have already completed the live course with Dawn and have an understanding of materials through their personal experience of being facilitated through the entire syllabus. For more information, see the answer below  to: What is a "Course Guide"?

Self-guided study, with optional alumni support, is particularly helpful for individuals with independent-learning habits and complex daily schedules.

Live courses facilitated by Dawn are geared toward individuals who want to teach Imetics in their own client communities and guidance-related careers, and who can commit to the weekly work and participation needed to fully benefit from this focused six-month group experience.

Basic (self-guided) course membership ($45/mo*) includes access to:

All online course materials, which grow every month and currently include:

Live course membership ($300/mo* for six months, or a single prepayment of $1750) includes seven months of basic membership plus:

  • Live weekly online meetings with Dawn and your unique group of coursemates, according to the six-month program syllabus. (Group size is limited to 25 participants so that we can all see each other on one Zoom screen and bond together as a support community)
  • Your group's designated alumni Course Guide
  • A group Home page for connecting with your coursemates and sharing group-specific materials
  • Optional study groups and text-group conversations
  • Optional listing as a Course Guide in our Community Referral Program upon completion of the live course

*Financial aid rates for all MoA memberships are always available. Simply let us know what support you need on your enrollment form.

Of course! A sample page can be explored here, the live-course syllabus is shared here, and the entire contents are here.

Yes. All of the Course Guides have completed the live course with Dawn and would be happy to share their experiences with you.

More information about these Guides is in the answer below, and you can contact them through the MoA Community Referral Program.

Course Guides are community members who have already completed the live course with Dawn and have an understanding of materials through their personal experience of being facilitated through the entire syllabus. Senior Course Guides have also assisted Dawn in facilitating at least one live course, and have an additional layer of understanding in how to guide others through the materials.

Course Guides are available to:

  • talk with you about the course before you join
  • guide you in personal as-needed integration sessions while you navigate the course
  • support private study groups that you would like to organize within your network of friends, family, colleagues, and communities.

To find a Course Guide, just ask us and we'll be happy to put you in touch with all of the guides in our Community Referral Program.

Yes! MoA offers financial aid on all of our memberships. Simply let us know what support you need on your enrollment form.

The course includes audio and visual information on all pages (you can view a sample page here), and we are eager to make the entire course as accessible as possible. If you have suggestions specific to your condition please share them with us so we can continue to improve access.

Support that we have found so far includes:

1. External sites such as Youtube and Ted Talks offer closed captioning and subtitles on most of their videos, accessible by:

  • Youtube: clicking on the closed caption icon under each video
  • Ted Talks: clicking on the subtitles icon under each video

2. All NPR audio by RadioLab, Invisibilia, and This American Life offer transcriptions on the individual episode pages we have linked to.

3. Text-based articles, poems, and other information can be translated through apps such as:

4. Spoken word and music elements can be translated through apps such as:

We definitely want it to be! If you are multi-lingual and would like to help translate the materials into additional languages, please contact us.

Simply log in and select My Memberships > Intro Course in the top menu. Everything you need to know is there.

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