What is Imetics?

Rediscover You



“Developing the art of living takes a lifetime. But you can learn to design your life now.”

Founded in the tribal techniques of Peruvian Amazonia, Imetics methodology is a dependable compass for intentionally navigating and creating with all of your life experiences – past, present, and future. In this program you can explore questions such as:


Who Am I?

Discover how to:
• See your uniqueness
• Choose the stories you are living
• Remember the wisdom within you

“You don’t need to learn who you are, you already are.”

Where do I belong?

Experience the joy of:
• Consciously relating
• Mindfully collaborating
• Inspiring others and being inspired

“Most people try to conform in order to belong; but no, it’s the opposite. The more unique you are, the more that you can choose to belong.”

What do I want to create?

Regain your ability to:
• Choose how experiences shape you
• Create with your environment
• Set your imagination free

“The thing to do is not to avoid trauma, but to learn how to navigate it.”

How can I get my needs met?

Find the keys to:
• Accessing your resources
• Connecting with abundance
• Feeling the enchantment of being alive

“To know one's self means that you are fully in care of yourself. To take care of yourself is to know your self.”