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Site Access

1. If you have received a confirmation email for your membership, the Access Denied message is typically because: 

  • You have forgotten your password; simply follow the steps for the question below.
  • Of cached data in your browser history interfering with things. Please fully clear your browser history, close your browser, reopen your browser, and log in again. If that doesn't resolve your issue, please contact us.

2. If you have not received a confirmation email for your membership and it has been more than 5 days since you applied,  please contact us.

  1. Select the Log In link in the upper right corner of any page and click the Reset Password link at the bottom of the form. Within 15 minutes you should recieve an email with a link to reset your password (check your spam folder if you don't see it in your inbox).
  2. If you receive an Error or Access Denied page when you log in with this new password, then fully clear your browser history, close your browser, reopen your browser, and log in again.

If these two steps don't resolve your issue, please contact us.

Most browser and devices allow you to easily increase and shrink font size to suit your own preferences. There are too many variations for us to list them all here, however in general: 

  1. On most touch screens (phones, tablets, and laptops), to temporarily increase the size, you can use the two finger swipe method (fingers moving apart on a diagonal to expand or together to shrink). To permanently increase the size, you will need to go into your devices settings; use any search engine to request "change font size on (your device)"
  2. In most browsers, to temporarily increase the size, you can magnify or shrink everything at once on a page using Ctrl + and Ctrl -.on PCs or Apple + and Apple - on Macs. To permanently increase the size, you will need to go into your devices settings. A good overview article can be found here, and for additional information you can use any search engine to request "change font size on (your browser)"


To learn about our membership options, and how to apply for each of them, click here.


Simply go to our membership page, and click the pink Membership Enrollment button. Once your enrollment form is processed, your access to the webinars will be opened.

Everyone 18 and older are welcome to join. The webinars are open to the public; they are not restricted to members enrolled in other Imetics programs.

Once you've subscribed, simply log in and select Webinars - Current Webinars in the top menu. Everything you need to know is there. Reminder emails will also be sent prior to each live broadcast.

Live broadcasts take place twice monthly, typically from 12 noon to approximately 1:00pm; however, the time zone will vary depending on where Armand is speaking from as he travels. Upcoming dates are posted on the public and members-only Webinar pages of this site.

We strive to post audio recordings of webinars within one week of the broadcast date, and video recordings within two weeks. Occasionally we may need more time, but we promise to do everything we can to maintain prompt service.

Our video and audio recordings are only available via streaming.

This series launched on Sunday, March 24th 2019 and currently has no end date.

With internet access, you can attend live webinars through Zoom's video-feed on any laptop or tablet. Without internet, you can listen live from any mobile phone or landline. Once recordings are posted, you can watch and listen to the webinars across any and all internet-connected devices you choose.

Once you have subscribed, you can find the link and call-in information through two convenient methods:

  • By logging into and selecting Webinars-Current Webinars in the top menu. The current link, meeting ID, and call-in numbers are posted on this page at least 24 hours prior to each event. If you get an error message when you try to access this page:
  1. Log out of the site
  2. Fully clear your browser history and close your browser
  3. Reopen your browser and log in again
  4. And if this does not your issue, please contact us.
  • By following the instructions in the reminder email sent to the address we have on file for you. This message is sent at least 24 hours prior to each event. If you are not receiving these messages, please:
  1. Check the email listed in your account by logging in and clicking My Account in the upper right corner of every page
  2. Check your email’s Spam folder
  3. Add to your email contacts
  4. And if you do not receive the next reminder, please contact us.

Zoom has friendly, competent 24-hour live customer service through (US) 1-888-799-9666 and internationally through these numbers: They also have instructional videos and other online help at:; for webinars, you may find this article particularly useful. (Moments of Awe cannot help with Zoom-related issues.)

We are striving to provide you with quality content that supports you and the global Imetics community. Please let us know about your experience with this series so we can evolve and improve.

Enjoy our introductory special and get your first month free*. Membership currently includes access to:

  • This month’s live webinars
  • Recordings of dozens of previous webinars 
  • Support materials for this month’s webinars and recordings
  • Weekly Awe and Random Ehugs
  • Monthly membership = US$50/mo*
    *Financial aid is available for all memberships. Simply let us know what support you need on your enrollment form and we'll be happy to co-create the solution that's right for you.

We accept both Paypal and all major credit cards. You can join here.

Please contact us. We'll be happy to help you.

Please contact us. We'll be happy to help you.

Zoom Accounts

You can find everything you need know right here.

Simply sign into your Zoom account through a web browser (not the app, but rather, and you will see a chat icon in the bottom right corner. Their system will start you off with some basic questions in order to direct you to the right department on their end, and then you're on your way to a real person helping you out.

Zoom has an amazing help center full of articles, tutorials, videos, and user forums. Our favorites so far, geared toward how the MoA community typically uses Zoom, are listed below. You can also find other tutorials through sources like Youtube, by searching for "Zoom tutorial |LS|your question/issue|RS|".

Do you have articles that have been particularly helpful to you by Zoom or other sources? Please share them with us!

Normally, to access all of the features we've included (detailed here, in the left sidebar), you would need to sign a minimum one-year contract with Zoom for Enterprise-level service (which starts at $1,999 per month and requires a minimum of 100 guaranteed users) plus you'd need to pay another $150 for every 10 accounts enabled with their HIPAA-compliant service (more about HIPAA below). This means a minimum commitment of $2,149 per month, a total of $26,388 for the annual contract -- a difficult commitment for individuals and small businesses, especially during these challenging times. However, with this group plan only we ( are contractually obligated to maintain the payments for the full term of the contract. All individual members like you can come and go as you please.

Everyone! You, your family, friends, professional colleagues, alumni networks -- really, anyone who could benefit from this. We want to share affordable access to safer online meeting spaces and related services with everyone who needs it. 

Peace of mind that all of our facilitators, members, and associates now have affordable access to HIPAA-compliant online meetings for their professional and personal use, as well as Standard (non-HIPAA) Enterprise-level access for individuals and small businesses who cannot afford it on their own.

MoA manages the billing and payments for all of our members, such as collecting the funds from you, helping with any payment-related issues and questions you have, and fulfilling all of the contractual obligations to Zoom, such as maintaining the monthly group payments and member minimums.

Zoom manages all technical support, security issues, software updates, and training needs.

HIPAA is the US government standard for protecting personally identifiable information within health and wellness settings. Zoom meetings that are created by a host using a HIPAA-compliant account have several features automatically turned off for all attendees of those meetings, which ensures the safety of attendee information in Zoom before, during, and after the meeting has concluded. Affected features include:

  • All cloud recording is disabled; however you can still record locally to your own computer.
  • Automated transcriptions through Zoom of cloud recordings are not available, since cloud recording is disabled.
  • Participant identity information will not appear in any Host reports. Instead they will see ***** in place of names and or other identifying information.
  • In-session chat and text logs are not available after the session has ended.
  • Screen capture and sending images through chat is also disabled.

Yes, we are offering both HIPAA-compliant and Standard accounts. While HIPAA-compliant accounts are what our facilitators and community need, some of your friends, family, and colleagues may have other preferences. 

Yes. After you complete your purchase, a follow-up email provides a form where you can update the name and email address you would like the Zoom account to be created for.

Yes, you can. If you already have a Zoom account using the same email you give us, when we add your information to our group Zoom account, they will send you a New User Activation Email and there will be a message that pops up the next time you log in. If you are already paying for a Pro, Business, or Enterprise account, their activation process will also outline the options for being refunded any pre-paid amounts from your previous account. If you have questions about your potential refund before signing up with us, simply log in to your existing account and open a chat with their support team.

Yes, we apologize for the confusion. In the shopping cart when it asks you if you have an existing account, this is referring to the Zoom shopping cart account only, not your other MoA member accounts (community, facilitator, webinars). So if this is your first Zoom membership purchase with us, you will need to open a New Account for the Zoom shopping cart. You can use the same information as your other MoA accounts if you'd like to.